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Discover in Sydney 

Are you the curious type, who always wants to learn and explore the new? For all of you, you might be aware that Sydney beyond its beautiful landscape, holds many mysterious places, which are weird as well. Many of them, despite being unusual, are loved by residents and also tourists. These places form the part of culture and values of Sydney as a city. 

One of the weird places you will find at the heart of Sydney CBD is The Mystery Puzzle. The puzzle rooms are the newest fad amongst Australians, and this place is weirdly best in what they do. The Mystery puzzle is the most popular place in Sydney, for their largest life size escape rooms, their trickiest puzzles and the themes they offer. This is the place for all those who loves the wackiness around, those who love the thrill and adventure that solving puzzles bring, and those who wants to strengthen their team bond and for those who just want to have fun. 

Puzzles of the Mystery Puzzle and the Race against Time 

This place holds three escape rooms in its premises, with two different themes – “The Great Bank Robbery” and “The Lost Pirate Soul”. A minimum of two persons and a maximum of twelve people are allowed inside a single puzzle room. And hence, a total of thirty-six people can be inside its three escape rooms at a time. Visitors will be locked inside the puzzle room of their choice the moment they step into it and will be given 60 minutes of time to escape from it, by solving the puzzles, riddles and the codes, and the mysteries inside the puzzles room. All the puzzles inside these escape rooms are the fiddliest in town and are developed uniquely, so that the puzzles can be solved within time only when the people inside work as a team in conjunction and put their brains together to solve them. This is the race against time in its literal terms, one has to chalk out their way by solving the mysteries and escape within 60 minutes. 

The Escape rooms of The Mystery Puzzle 

Besides being famous for its weird puzzles this place also sets an example on how to create the largest real life escape rooms. The Mystery Puzzle is the most innovative, creative and imaginative place in Sydney, and one realize it the moment they enter any of their puzzle room. All three escape rooms here are designed so artistically that it almost feels real inside them. They also provide theme matching flashy costumes to add on to the zing to the experience of escape room.